The automatic production of forging truly liberates the labor force



                At present, the automation and intelligence of production is the only way for industrial development, forging as a part of traditional labor-intensive industry, in the current process of industrial development, there must be the application of automation needs, with the development of industrial automation technology in China, the application of industrial robots is more and more common, and the technology is more and more mature. The adaptability to forging working conditions is also greatly improved, which provides a good condition for the upgrade of forging automation.

The traditional forging production process is mainly manual, and the material transfer between the equipment mainly relies on the workers to complete the hand-held fixture, or relies on the sling or conveyor belt, manual positioning intervention. In the production process, the labor intensity of workers is high, and the environment is harsh, now ready to use industrial robots to complete the series of production lines, the use of whole line interlock control, simplify the operator intervention process, production information automatic recording, analysis, processing, the whole process automation, to achieve flexible production.

           The operation process of forging production line is long and complex, and the connection of each process is completed by robots, which not only realizes the needs of automation, but also enhances the real-time monitoring of the status, operation and process parameters of online equipment. 

           Through the deep cooperation between informatization and industrialization, the purpose of reducing cost and increasing efficiency and liberating labor force is finally realized.

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