How much do you know about the characteristics of forging descaling?



          The forging industry is a small industry, but it does not mean that its development prospects are not good, because it is the basic industry of the country, so the development prospects are still very good, and the descaling machine applied in the forging industry also follows the development prospects of the forging industry.

             So how much do you know about the characteristics of the descaling machine?

One,High efficiency: The whole descaling process only takes 3-5 seconds, and the cleaning speed is fast and the efficiency is high.

Second, the removal rate is high: according to the reaction of customers, used customers say that they can meet their production needs and improve the quality of products.

Third, easy operation: we are the whole machine delivery, only need to connect to electricity, water, you can use, new people do not have to worry about learning.

Fourth, circulating water utilization: the design of circulating water used in our equipment will not cause waste of water resources.

Fifth, environmental protection and pollution-free: the operation and use of the entire equipment will not produce harmful substances, and will not pollute the environment early.

Sixth, conducive to environmental assessment: the descaling machine is designed to design the main water tank and the auxiliary water tank, which recovers the oxide, which will not cause the workshop to be full of oxide, which is conducive to the passing of the environmental assessment of the workshop.

          Do you understand these characteristics of the forging descaling machine? if you have  any questions can call for consultation, we will give you the most suitable for your forging site program guidance, can provide you with one-stop service.

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