What are the basic configurations of the automatic production line of the forging plant



              Due to the high temperature, serious pollution, high labor intensity and other problems in the forging industry, in recent years, it has become more and more difficult for forging enterprises to recruit workers, even if they attract workers, personnel flow is very frequent, which brings a series of problems to the enterprise, normal production orders are difficult to guarantee, increasing the training cost of new employees, new employees to skilled workers need a certain amount of time, The consistency of product quality is difficult to guarantee, in order to solve these problems, many forging companies have begun or are considering upgrading the original production line to automatic forging production line.


             Usually, the equipment included in a forging production line are blanking machine, heating furnace, deoxidizing machine, press, robot, transfer car, transfer table, robot, mold lubrication equipment, total control system, etc. Some are also equipped with roll forging machines. According to the different production process, the configuration of equipment is also different. For forging titanium alloy and aluminum alloy, due to the strict control of the initial forging temperature and the final forging temperature, there is also a temperature sensor to measure the temperature of the billet, and a heating device is installed on the mold to preheat the mold.


           Robots and manipulators are the most commonly used workpiece transmission equipment in the automatic forging production line, which complete the conversion of the workpiece between the mold stations and the transfer of the workpiece between the equipment. The advantages of the robot are good flexibility and high reliability, and the advantages of the manipulator are strong pertinence and close integration with the equipment and space of the production line. The number of axes of motion of the manipulator is usually less than that of the robot, so the flexibility is poor.



         In addition to these well-known equipment in the forging automatic production line, there is a forging friend that needs to give you a popular science, that is, the oxidation machine, usually placed behind the electric furnace, before the press, if there is a billet, you can be placed after the billet, the oxide will be removed, improve product quality while extending the life of the mold, many forging plants are in use, It is not only a good friend of manual forging line, but also a good partner of automatic forging line.


         I hope more forging friends come to discuss with us the process and development of forging automation.

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