The advantage of the hot forging feeding machine



              Hot forging automatic feeding machine , the production of hot forging automatic feeding machine exported to foreign countries, hot forging automatic feeding machine quality assurance, service to the door this equipment uses chain conveyor, with long service life, wear resistance, large power, fast movement speed, stable performance, to ensure the balance of material delivery.

           In forging production, induction heating furnace is an essential forging equipment. In order to reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency, forging enterprises will choose the automatic feeding device of induction heating furnace, which is the lifting feeding device we say. What are the advantages of forging automatic lifting feeder in forging production? please see below :

        1, the equipment to gas-electric mixed mode feeding, easy maintenance, intelligent judgment feeding, using the original imported auto and electronic products, to ensure that the feeding response is fast, durable, reliable;

        2, optimize the feeding mode, reduce the loading height, effectively reduce labor intensity;

        3, exclusive large capacity storage box, reduce the number of feeding, safe and convenient;

        4, the automatic feeding of the machine reduces the manual assistance time, and increases the production capacity by more than 40% compared with the original manual feeding;

        5, effectively reduce costs, reduce the number of employees, to achieve one person more machines, so that the cost of the product has been substantially reduced.

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