Application of feeding machine in forging industry



             Forging induction heating automatic feeding device is a forging supporting equipment designed for automatic forging production. Forging induction heating furnace automatic feeding device is composed of tipping hopper, step feeding machine, conveyor chain, pneumatic rod pusher, discharge elevator, hydraulic station, operating cabinet and control system, etc., which can realize the automatic operation of round steel billet from feeding, heating to discharging. The existing forging production line is more dependent on manpower, the degree of automation is not high, resulting in low forging production efficiency. In order to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, forging enterprises need automatic forging production. 

          What are the characteristics of forging automatic feeder? Today we will briefly explain:

           1, forging heating automatic feeding machine adopts chain conveyor, with long service life, wear resistance, large power, fast movement speed, stable performance, to ensure the balanced transmission of materials;

          2, forging heating automatic feeding machine with hydraulic, gas, electric mixed mode feeding, easy maintenance, intelligent judgment feeding, using the original imported cylinder and electronic products, to ensure the feeding response is fast, durable, reliable;

        3, forging heating automatic feeding machine optimize the height of the discharge bin, effectively reduce labor intensity; Exclusive large capacity storage box, reduce the number of discharging, safe and convenient; It is suitable for all kinds of metal heating, forging, heat treatment and other processes, and is the most ideal round steel feeding equipment for metal processing in large and medium-sized enterprises.

       4, forging heating automatic feeding machine automatic feeding to reduce manual assistance time, compared with the original manual feeding to increase production;

       5, effectively reduce costs, will reduce the number of employees, to achieve - multiple machines, so that the cost of intermediate frequency furnace heating is substantially controlled; The forging heating automatic             feeder can adjust the speed according to different requirements, and match the heating and holding time and power of the medium frequency furnace.

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