Litai technology forging one-stop induction heating furnace supporting equipment



               The forging integrated induction heating furnace is a complete combination of the furnace body, power supply and electrical control part of the medium-frequency heating furnace, becoming an integrated forging induction heating equipment. The heating furnace body of the whole equipment is supported by the furnace body bracket, and the medium-frequency power supply and control system are installed in the furnace body frame. From the outside, it is a complete set of heating furnace system.

          1, the production operation is simple, flexible in and out of materials, high degree of automation. Furnace body integrated design, simple replacement;

          2, workpiece heating temperature uniform, less oxidation and decarburization, forging quality is good;

          3. Precise control of heating speed, temperature and length;

          4, all-round energy-saving optimization design, low energy consumption, high efficiency, lower than coal production cost.

The main components of forging integrated induction heating furnace include: induction heating furnace equipment body, automatic step feeding device, clamping rod feeding machinery, rapid discharge machinery, temperature measurement system, temperature three sorting mechanism, intelligent control system.

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