How to remove the oxide scale of the forging piece in the forge industry



           In the past, the forging plant used to remove the oxide in a variety of ways, but the overall effect is not too good, like pickling may lead to the corrosion of the forging, the use of upsetting intelligent removal of large pieces of oxide, there are some small pieces of oxide or not clear, so did not meet the forging plant quality requirements for forging.

         In the existing technology, our high pressure water phosphorus removal technology has been greatly favored in the forging industry, the current utilization rate of our oxide cleaning machine in the national forging plant has reached about 70% or 80%, many forging plants choose to continue to buy back after using one, and some loyal customers will recommend our equipment to their friends in the same trade. The effect of cleaning forgings is very satisfactory.

           Because our oxide cleaning machine is adopted by the through type, from the entrance to the exit only takes 3-5 seconds to clean a product, of course, this speed can also be adjusted according to the production needs of the site, because each production beat is different, so we carefully consider this for everyone.

          The forging friends who have used our oxide cleaning machine must know that it improves the quality of the forging, reduces the damage caused by the increase of the mold because of the oxide skin, and also collects the oxide skin very well, solving the problem of environmental impact assessment.


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