Method of hot forging of oversized nuts



              Forging is a processing method that uses forging machinery to exert pressure on metal blanks to produce plastic deformation to obtain forgings with certain mechanical properties, certain shapes and sizes.

               Through forging can eliminate the metal in the smelting process of the as-cast loose and other defects, optimize the microstructure, due to the preservation of a complete metal flow line, the mechanical properties of forgings are generally better than the same material castings. At the same time, forging can be divided into hot forging, cold forging and warm forging according to the temperature of metal plastic deformation. Hot forging is the plastic forming of metal at 800 degrees by heating it until it has not produced overburning or overheating defects.


            At present, the domestic hot forging equipment is generally small and medium-sized bolts or nuts for forging, for large nuts above M30, by using turning treatment, or part of the process through hot forging processing after turning treatment, the above practice greatly wastes the production efficiency of hot forging large nuts, requires a lot of labor costs, at the same time, The hot forging process requires the press to press the high temperature blank material, which causes serious wear to the equipment.

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