Why do forging manufacturers prefer induction heating furnace?



Because of the principle of electromagnetic heating, forging induction heating furnace has the characteristics of fast heating speed and high degree of automation, which makes forging induction heating furnace get unprecedented development opportunities in automobile parts manufacturing. Medium frequency induction heating technology has also been more and more widely used in the field of automobile manufacturing. What are the specific characteristics of forging induction heating furnace? Let's take a look at the advantages of induction heating furnaces.

1, forging induction heating furnace heating temperature is high, heating temperature is uniform, and non-contact heating;

2, forging induction heating furnace heating speed, high heating efficiency, less oxidation burning loss, thereby improving the utilization of materials.

3, the forging induction heating furnace has a high degree of automation, and the PLC control system can realize the function of the heating production line

4, the heating temperature of the forging induction heating furnace is easy to control, and the heating power can be adjusted to achieve the heating goal from 100 degrees to 2000 degrees.

5, forging induction heating furnace equipped with infrared thermometer or thermocouple temperature measurement, can achieve online temperature measurement function

6, the forging induction heating furnace can be heated locally or as a whole, can be heated round steel can also be heated steel plate, steel pipe, can be heated alloy steel can also be heated aluminum rod, stainless steel rod and copper rod;

7, forging induction heating furnace configuration automatic mechanical device and Siemens control software, it is easy to achieve automatic control function;

8, forging induction heating furnace working environment is good, almost no noise and dust, the operating environment is neat, good corporate image;

9, forging induction heating furnace high integration, less work area, high production efficiency, medium frequency power supply with inductor coil, supporting cooling water can complete the entire heating process.

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