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Hot Die Forging Press Machine, Hot Forging Machine, Metal Forging Machine


Hot die forging press machine

Hot forging press machine

Hot forging machine

Metal forging machine

Having been deeply involved in the forging industry for many years, Litai Technology is committed to providing full process supply chain services for forging enterprises, including supporting equipment supply chain, strategic planning of automated production lines

    • Commodity name: Hot Die Forging Press Machine, Hot Forging Machine, Metal Forging Machine

    Hot die forging press is a series of products produced by introducing the world's advanced technology. The hot die forging press is used in automobile, tractor, internal combustion engine, ship, aviation, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, hardware tools and other manufacturing industries for a large number of black and non-ferrous metal forging and finishing forgings. The forged forgings have high precision, high material utilization rate, high productivity, easy to realize automation, and low technical requirements for workers. Because of the advantages of low noise and vibration, it is widely used in modern forging production and is an indispensable high-precision forging equipment for modern forging production.


    1.High production efficiency, simple operation, easy maintenance, suitable for automatic forging line.

    2.The striking speed is fast, the thermal contact time of the mold is short, and the service life of the mold is long.

    3.The design of upper and lower ejecting material can reduce the inclination of drawing die and save forging material.

    4.High tilt resistance, high guideway accuracy and good forging quality. PLC control, multiple safety operating loop system to ensure the safety of operators.

    5.There are working Windows on the left and right sides of the body, and the forging transfer is convenient.

    6.The special clamping mould release device makes the mould removal fast and easy to operate.

    7.Reliable centralized lubrication system and manual supplementary lubrication system effectively reduce friction losses.

    8.Installed with international advanced tonnage meter, directly display forging force, and set overload alarm.



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