The nut forging process is widely used



           With the development and progress of the manufacturing industry, nuts, as a kind of fastener, are widely used in machinery manufacturing, aerospace, automobile, railway and other fields. Most of the traditional nut manufacturing methods use mechanical processing, but this processing method has a series of problems such as low precision, high cost and low production efficiency. With the continuous progress of science and technology, forged nuts came into being, and their advantages such as high precision, high strength and high production efficiency have been widely concerned and recognized. Forging nut is a new nut manufacturing process that combines forging and die pressing technology, which can complete the contour molding and internal aperture accuracy to meet the tolerance requirements in a single molding process. Die forging is the process of forming metal materials by deforming them under stress at a constant temperature. Molding is the plastic deformation and contraction of metal materials through molds under high temperature and pressure to form the required shape. Therefore, the forged nut effectively integrates the metal forging and molding process, making the cost of nut manufacturing, production efficiency and product quality have been greatly improved.

1. High precision: The use of die forging technology can complete the shape molding and the precision of the cavity aperture to meet the tolerance requirements in a molding process, avoiding the processing error caused by multiple processing, ensuring the product accuracy and reducing the production cost.

2. High strength: the combination of forging and molding can produce high cold plasticity, improve the strength and durability of nut products, and ensure the quality and performance of products.

3. Save raw materials: In the traditional machining process, the workpiece often consumes more metal materials because of problems such as burrs or taper, and the forged nut can effectively avoid this situation, while reducing the waste of materials and saving raw materials.

4. High production efficiency: the automation degree of forged nuts is higher, the production efficiency is higher, and the labor cost can be effectively reduced, and there will be no errors in ensuring the function and quality.

         As an important part of fasteners, nuts are widely used, and the stability of their performance and quality has a very important impact on the assembly and use of fasteners. In order to improve the performance and stability of nuts, forging nut technology has been widely used in recent years.

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