How to improve the efficiency by forging automatic production line



           Forging automatic production line of plant construction, equipment and other aspects of the investment, so that it has become an important cost input part, in the market demand and enterprise development, how to improve the efficiency of the production line such as production speed, forging quality, and then give full play to the manufacturing capacity of the automatic production line, is the problem that each forging enterprise must face. Under the premise that the work that should be done is not missed, the reasonable arrangement of the work order and the connection process can improve the work efficiency. Including but not limited to the formulation of production plans, equipment and mold maintenance cycle, general maintenance and shutdown period. Regular analysis of production data from the automatic forging production line in the above aspects of the performance of the law, so that may be able to improve the efficiency .

           Bolts are indispensable in daily life and industrial manufacturing. Bolts are also known as industrial meters, which shows the wide range of applications of bolts. Its application fields include electronic products, mechanical products, digital products, power equipment, mechanical and electrical products, ships, vehicles and hydraulic engineering, and even chemical experiments are also useful to bolts. Bolts have important tasks in industry, and as long as there is industry on Earth, the function of bolts will always be important. This article will give you a brief introduction to the production and processing technology of bolts, I hope to help you.

           Hot forging bolt forging process: material selection - loading and unloading - chamfer reduction - heating temperature control - dephosphorization - truss manipulator forging through the turning mechanism - surface treatment (chamfer - roll - heat treatment - layer) - packaging.



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