It is necessary to realize automatic production in forging process



            Forging automation forging industry is an industry with high labor intensity and poor working environment. The traditional forging industry has shortcomings such as high temperature, serious noise and dust pollution, and high labor intensity, which seriously affect the physical and mental health of workers and the development of forging industry. Compared with other jobs, domestic automatic forging production lines, most workers do not want to do this job. The labor intensity and mental pressure of workers are very large, and it is easy to cause safety accidents.

           And in the forging process of 1200℃ above the temperature is easy to cause high temperature burns, and red hot forgings emitted by the heat radiation will cause harm to the human body, heating furnace in the combustion process of the smoke will cause high concentrations of harmful substances, in the manufacturing process of the equipment, the decibel noise will be very high, the operator's hearing and visual nerve damage. The use of automatic control technology can effectively solve this problem, can use robots or automated systems to replace manual operation, so as to avoid many safety problems, and the use of automation technology, can accelerate the material loading, unloading, adjusting parts, to achieve timing, quantitative, accurate operation, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the safety of field operations, Improve the quality of products, from this point it can be seen that the use of advanced automation technology in the forging process and processing links can improve the production status and ensure the development level of the overall project.

           In the context of the rapid development of science and technology in our country, a large number of advanced technologies and equipment are widely used in the forging process, which greatly improves the speed and quality of forging processing. The application of automation technology to the forging process can realize the replacement of manual mechanical equipment, simplify the forging process, reduce manual labor intensity, improve the accuracy of forging, reduce the waste of raw materials, and help improve production efficiency and the economic benefits of enterprises.
          Based on this, it is particularly necessary to carry out the application analysis of automation technology in forging process.

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